Trends and Compare to understand your organization’s efficiency

Organizations use DORA metrics to have a set of hard numbers that illuminate the performance of their engineering efficiency. 

With Sleuth's new Trends and Compare dashboards you now have the power to answer engineering efficiency questions across your entire Organization.

Trends dashboard


Compare dashboard


Our new Project labels allow you to create flexible taxonomies to slice and dice your DORA metrics across your Organization. Group your projects by coding language, sprint time or whatever dimension you need insights on.

The Trends dashboard allows you spot how your initiatives are trending over time.

With the Compare dashboard you can determine the relative impact of your Engineering initiatives and processes. Do you want to see how your Java-based projects compare to your Python-based projects? Perhaps you’d like to know how your TDD teams stack up against non-TDD teams. Are one week or two week sprints more efficient? 

Let Sleuth provide the real-world answers to your Engineering-wide questions!