Impact tracking - 200% more accurate, drive MTTD to zero

Sleuth connects to your error trackers and cloud-based metrics trackers to auto-verify the health of your deploys so your team can drive MTTD (mean time to detection) to zero!

Today, with the grounds up rewrite of our anomaly detection algorithm, our Impact tracking is now 200% more accurate. 

Our new Impact graphs allow you to quickly see how deploys affect your metrics and see how Sleuth has determined their health.

We've also added the ability to manually specify your healthy threshold for those teams with amazing house-keeping, where your impact measures never really reach anomalous levels . So if you want to measure your database CPU, but really only care if it goes over 50%, you can tell Sleuth and we'll only alert you once it's breached that threshold.

These changes, coupled with our recent support for AWS CloudWatch,  NewRelic and Custom impact sources, means there's nothing stoping your team from driving your MTTD to zero with Sleuth today!