Environment support is here!

If you have been representing environments with multiple projects in Sleuth, fret no more: Sleuth now offers first-class environment support, and we couldn't be more excited! Be sure to watch CTO Don Brown's awesome video and read his blog post on Sleuth's new first-class Environment support!

Environment settings
Sleuth's environment support allows you to track changes across environments within a project to understand what state each environment is in, and also to know when and what changes are shipping to production. Switching between environments is as easy as switching between projects, using the selector shown above. 

Existing users don't need to do anything. After logging in, you will see both a Production and Staging environment in your Sleuth projects, with the Production environment set as the default. You can change this and other settings (for example, a master branch mapped to Production, a different branch mapped to Staging, etc.) to accommodate your development workflow.

Read more about Sleuth Environment Support and how to configure Environments in your Project Settings

Happy deploying!