CI/CD integrations to build your perfect deployment workflow

Sleuth is your single pane of glass for deploys. CI/CD builds are your DevOps workhorse, used for testing and deploying your changes, and are now automatically visible for every deploy. We've added integrations for our most requested providers in Jenkins, Github Actions, CircleCi and Bitbucket pipelines. More CI/CD integrations are on the way, just reach out if you don't see your provider on our list.

Once enabled, the integration will automatically associate any builds that include a code deploy's git commit hash. Sleuth surfaces the build, its status and quick links to your providers build display.

The integration also allows Sleuth to trigger your existing builds via our Sleuth Actions. Use Sleuth to setup your perfect deployment workflow. Your team can use Sleuth's deployment verification to trigger promotion between environments or auto-trigger rollbacks. With build triggers you can setup Slack based approvals to drive your change failure rate to zero.

Link your CI/CD builds today!