100% accurate metrics setup in 2 minutes or less with CI/CD auto detected deploys

You can now setup Sleuth for 100% accurate metrics without any modifications to your deployment process or scripts by connecting to your CI/CD provider

Just connect Sleuth to your CI/CD (via OAuth or API key), map your Sleuth Environments to the build/job that deploys for you and sit back and watch your metrics come to life!

Behind the scenes Sleuth is monitoring your CD builds and when we find a new one we do our magic to generate your DORA metrics for every deploy.

Sleuth already supports integrations with most common CI/CD tools (GitHub actions, Jenkins, CircleCI and more) and we are building out more everyday. If we don’t yet support your CI/CD provider we’d love to hear from you at support@sleuth.io. But remember, you can still always fall back to 100% accurate metrics by setting up a webhook which works for any deployment process you’ve put in place.